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Speed, resolution and accuracy are just the beginning…

Advanced Power System N6900 and N7900 Series Power Supplies

Two new families of high power DC system power supplies offering advanced performance and just enough high power. VersaPower architecture delivers the fastest, most accurate, integrated power system.

  • Accelerate test-system throughput with industry-leading speed
  • Capture your DUT’s current profile with accurate measurements
  • Reduce your ATE development time and cost with highly integrated capabilities

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N8900 Series

Two new families of high power DC system power supplies offering advanced performance and just enough high power. 

  • Autoranging output – does the job of multiple power supplies!
  • 5, 10, and 15 kW maximum output power
  • Up to 1500 V and up to 510 A

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N5700 Series System DC Power Supplies

750W and 1500W high-power single-output power supplies

  • Easy Front Panel Operation
  • Output Up to 600V and Up to 180A
  • Built-In Voltage and Current Measurement
  • Full Protection From Over-Voltage and Over-Current
  • Parallel Up to 4 Units for Higher Power
  • Universal AC Input 85 VAC to 265 VAC
  • LAN, USB, and GPIB Interfaces Standard

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N6700 Series Low-profile Modular Power System

Choice of three power system mainframes: 400W, 600W or 1200W

  • Up to four power modules housed in one mainframe: 50W, 100 W, or 300W
  • Mix and match among basic DC, high performance, or precision power modules
  • Low-profile mainframe design — takes up only 1U of rack space
  • Stable, reliable DC output to 100V and 50A

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U8000 Series Single-output DC Power Supplies

3A/90W or 5A/150W single-output, non-programmable models

  • Easy-to-use front panel operation
  • Fast 50µsec transient response reduces test time
  • Excellent load and line regulation — Constant Voltage: <0.01% +2mV, Constant Current: <0.02% +2mA · Low output noise: 1mVrms, 3mArms (20Hz to 20MHz)
  • Over-voltage and over-current protection prevents damage to DUT

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N8700 Series High Power DC Power Supplies

Small, high density 2 U high, 19 " wide package

  • 3.3kW and 5kW power families
  • Outputs up to 600V and up to 400A
  • Parallel multiple units for higher power
  • Built-in voltage and current measurement

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Expect more from a power supply than just power.

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66000 Modular Power System 1200W Per Mainframe GPIB Features

Greater throughput in less space with the flexible modular power systems

  • Up to 8 modules in the required high density 1200W 66000A mainframe
  • Stable, low ripple and noise power source
  • Sequence up to 20 voltage and current setting per output
  • Easy to reconfigure with front loading modules

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E3600 Series Single, Dual And Triple Output DC Power Supplies

Single, dual or triple output

  • 30W to 60W output power
  • Constant-Current (CC) and Constant-Voltage (CV) Modes

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E3630A Series Single- And Triple-Output Programmable DC Power Supplies

80W to 200W output power

  • Built-in RS-232 and GPIB interface
  • 0.01% load and line regulation

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E3640A Series Single And Dual-Output Programmable DC Power Supplies

Single- and Dual-Output

  • 30W to 100W Output Power
  • Front and Rear Output Terminals
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Remote Senses

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