Save on Gadgets, Gizmos & Gifts this Season!

Special price 3D Printer!

Save 50% off the Cube 3D Printer

Ultra portable, plug and play 3D printer for the home, school or office.

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Tenma Digital Multimeter

TENMA  72-10410  Digital Multimeter, True RMS, 6000 Count

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Crimping Plier Set

271 piece kit includes carrying case

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Duratool Precision Screwdriver Set

15 piece precision includes a variety of slotted and phillips head screwdrivers.

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Adafruit Industries wearable GPS starter kit

Get started with lovely starter kit. Included are plenty of parts to make fun projects

Great Gift Idea!

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Arduino Electronics Education Kit

includes most common and useful electronic components for building custom circuits.

Great for the classroom

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Duratool Hex Key Set

30 piece hex key set includes long arm and short arms in a variety of sizes.

Save 35%

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Duratool Hot Air Gun

Air Kit includes air gun, concentrated scoop, fishtail nozzle and blow module case.

Save 76%

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11 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set

An 11 piece precision screwdriver set with case .

Perfect stocking stuffer!

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Basic electronic tool kit, 22 pieces

22-Pcs includes Cutter,Pliers,Tweezers, Wrenches, Desoldering Pump, Alignment Driver, & Screwdrivers.

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Combine multiple development platforms into one enclosure and assemble up to 4 PCB's and shields.

Save 39%

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e14 Arduino compatible Kit-Teensy 3.1 breadboard

This kit uses an adapted version of the Arduino IDE (Teensyduino) or programming directly in C language.

Perfect for Hobbyists and Educators

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