Discrete semiconductor components

Find a comprehensive range of Discrete Semiconductor Components including Didoes, DIACs & SIDACs, Rectifiers, IGBTs, JFETs, Mosfets, Thyristors and Triacs from industry leading manufacturers including Avago, Bourns, Cree, Fairchild, GeneSiC, International Rectifier, Littelfuse, Multicomp and many more. New products added daily.


We offer an extensive range of standard Diodes, Small Signal Diodes, Schottky Diodes, TVS Diodes and Zener Diodes.

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Check our selection of Standard, Fast, and Ultrafast Rectifiers, and Bridge Rectifiers in the latest technologies.

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We stock an extensive range of Diactors, Transient Protection Thyristor, Thyristors, Triacs and Sidactors.

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See our range of DIACs & SIDACs, Transient Protection Thyristor, Thyristors and Triacs.

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Find the latest crystals and oscillators, including SMD Crystals, Microprocessor Radial Terminal, Microprocessor SMD, Plastic SMD, Radial Terminal and more.

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Circuit Protection

We offer a huge selection of Semiconductor Circuit Protection Devices: ESD Protection Devices, TVS Suppressors, TVS Thyristors, and Varistors.

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Top Manufacturers

AvagoBournsCreeFairchildGeneSiCInternational RectifierLittelfuseMulticompNXPOn SemiconductorPanasonicPowerexSemiKronSemtechST MicroelectronicsVishay