Development Tools


Newark element14 carries a full line of Embedded Development Tools including IDEs, Compilers, RTOS and Stacks, Programmers, Debuggers, and Emulators.

Find Emulators, Flashers and more.



Find JTAG Emulators with and without trace, supporting ARM 7/9/11, Cortex, and Coldfire processors.

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Flasher Programming Tools

Segger's Flash Programmers allow manual or remote programming via J-link.

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Emulator Bundles

Save time and money when you purchase bundles that include a variety of software along with your Jlink product choice.

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Learn more about Segger Emulators and Flasher


Mfr. Part No.Description
8.08.90J-Link EDU
8.10.00J-Trace ARM
8.12.00J-Link PRO
8.13.00J-Trace for Cortex-M
8.16.00J-Link ULTRA


Mfr. Part No.Description
5.04.01Flasher ST7
5.05.01Flasher 5
5.07.01Flasher ARM
5.09.01Flasher STM8
5.10.01Flasher PPC
5.15.01Flasher RX

Emulator bundles

Mfr. Part No.Description
8.08.11J-Link/J-Flash Bundle
8.08.12J-Link/ARM RDI Bundle
8.08.14J-Link/Pro Bundle (Includes ARM RDI, J-Flash, and Flash Breakpoints)
8.08.27J-Link/Flash Breakpoints Bundle
8.16.11J-Link ULTRA/J-Flash Bundle
8.16.12J-Link ULTRA/ARM RDI Bundle
8.16.14J-Link ULTRA/Pro Bundle (Includes ARM RDI, J-Flash, and Flash Breakpoints)
8.16.27J-Link ULTRA/Flash Breakpoints Bundle

Adapters / Accessories

Mfr. Part No.Description
8.06.00J-Link 19-pin Cortex-M Adapter
8.06.01J-Link RX Adapter
8.06.02J-Link 9-pin Cortex-M Adapter
8.06.04J-Link Needle Adapter
8.06.0510-Pin Needle Adapter
8.07.00JTAG Isolator
8.08.01J-Link ARM-14 Adapter